So glad you asked! Here are two reasons you can trust us:

We never stop learning. Since our first day in 2009, AndTech Solutions has been committed to being at the forefront of technology and compliance/regulation, enabling us to meet and exceed the ever-changing needs of our clients.

We care about our clients. We work hard to ensure your custom tech solutions make sense for your company’s needs. We take the time to listen to what you need most and work with you throughout the entire development process to ensure your tech works for you, not against you!

Project Management & Analysis

Large initiatives, a new system or balancing a continuous workload, one of our project managers can help alleviate some of this stress to ensure your health plan is meeting deadlines on time and within budget. Even if your project has already started, but needs to be revived, we can work hand and hand with your project team to get you back on track. Our PMs are well versed in the CareAdvance Enterprise suite to give your health plan support through the entire project life cycle. This could range from any of the below and more:

  • Assisting with the initial planning of the project to develop a comprehensive roadmap
  • Analyzing your old system to understand its functionality to make a smooth transition to CareAdvance
  • Developing a thorough testing plan from the beginning to validate all requirements are being met
  • Creating a detailed training for your staff to ensure they feel comfortable in CareAdvance before Go-Live
  • Helping with the intake of work requests to make sure SLAs are being met

Whether you need AndTech for a small component of your project or the entire project, we are here to cater to your specific needs to reduce wasted time and establish efficiency.

Application Configuration

Configuration with any health plan is essential and at times can be overwhelming. With changes from state/federal regulations or your end users, it’s important to capitalize on a robust configuration process that will allow your team to meet the needs of the health plan. Our team can help you stay on top of all your competing priorities leaving you to focus on more critical items. AndTech has experience will all configuration components within CareAdvance. Whether you need configuration done for a large implementation or an upgrade, we can help with the configuration of the following clinical content:

  • – Concepts
  • Forms
  • Assessments
  • Guidelines
  • Campaigns
  • String Customizations
  • Application Settings
  • Letters
  • Business Rules

System Implementation

If you’re new to CareAdvance or upgrading or adding a new Line of Business, we have developed many capabilities over the years to assist you at every stage of implementation while working with your team to avoid major disruptions. AndTech will help you understand where you currently are and where you would like to be and plan out your specific wants and needs. This will give us a clear understanding of what’s needed to plan and execute a successful implementation. Along the way we will tackle testing from every angle and train your staff accordingly to prepare them for Go-Live. Any implementation requires extreme dedication to meet milestones, collaboration to allow the flow of communication to all pertinent teams and a positive attitude to encounter whatever might come up. Let us help you from beginning to end to achieve your goals.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Health plans are faced with several reporting requirements from local, state and federal agencies. Additionally, vendors, members and other licensing/certifying agencies also require some form of reporting from health plans. Our BI and Reporting Analysts understand CareAdvance and the hundreds of tables that make up its Data Model. From capturing reporting requirements, data mapping, report design and development and testing, AndTech is able to meet the varied reporting requirements of your health plan.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Quality Assurance starts from the design phase to ensure testing can be executed in the best way possible. AndTech can aide in the development of quality assurance strategies for implementations, upgrades or regular releases to result in fewer production issues that can be avoided. This can be accomplished by testing at every stage from unit testing to integrated testing and a comparative test of your old system and new system to be confident all requirements are captured.

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